IN-HOUSE PRESENTATION EVENT – Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce


We are excited to bring you highlights from The Chamber’s In-house presentation event that took place on Thursday, July 13th, at the Silver Star Tower Conference Room. This event offers members an opportunity to introduce their businesses to other Chamber members, thereby promoting corporate relations and fostering business growth. For this second edition of our In-house presentation, we had the pleasure of hosting two remarkable pharmaceutical companies, Stereda Pharmaceutical Limited and Asanbeck Pharmacy Ltd, along with a dynamic mining support firm, Royal Magma.
Stereda Pharmaceutical operates both wholesale and retail services, with five branches spread across Accra and the Central Region. Aside from their remarkable delivery services, they also manufacture “Steremed cough Syrup and Sterevite multivitamin syrup. Their ambition extends to scaling up production and expanding their reach to other African countries. Stereda Pharmaceutical Limited also supplies solar storage system to hospitals, fortifying its position as a leading brand in the pharmaceutical industry.
Asanbeck Pharmacy Ltd is a wholesaler of medical products from around the world. With three retail outlets and one distribution center, they have diversified into selling beauty products. They also provide some laboratory services such as Blood Pressure, Malaria,Cholesterol and many others. They stand out with their round-the-clock service, ensuring customers’ needs are met at any time of the day.
Lastly, we had Royal Magma, a company authorized to operate heavy-duty equipment like mobile cranes, normal forklifts,telescopic forklifts and container handlers. They specialize in stevedore services, container terminal management, as well as logistics. All three companies, proudly Ghanaian-owned, are eager to expand their operations and are actively seeking partnerships and investors from Canada. As usual, our In-house presentation always affirms our commitment to nurturing a vibrant business community. We look forward to more engaging sessions in the months to come.


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