Driving Positive Change: Dutylex’s New Terminal Brings More Than Just Business Growth in Tema, Ghana – Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce

Driving Positive Change: Dutylex’s New Terminal Brings More Than Just Business Growth in Tema, Ghana


In today’s corporate landscape in Ghana, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has gained significant traction. This refers to our company’s commitment to contributing positively to society beyond our core business operations. One area where CSR initiatives can have a profound impact is the establishment of our lubricant warehouse terminal in a fairly developed community.

  1. Economic Development:

The construction and establishment of our lubricant warehouse terminal has played a vital role in driving economic development in the community. It provided employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly, the terminal has become an engine of job creation. Local artisans and residents were employed in the construction of the Terminal and moreover, the Terminal has recruited local indigenes of the community in our operations ie. Logistics and warehouse support officers. This has impacted the community economically.

  1. Environmental Sustainability:

Promoting environmental sustainability is a crucial aspect of engaging in CSR activities. Our lubricant warehouse terminal is strongly contributing to this by adopting environmentally friendly practices. For example, implementing effective waste management systems, utilizing energy-efficient technologies, and incorporating strong HSE practices ensures a safe environment for all workers and residents.   Additionally, we are investing in advanced emission control systems by ensuring all equipment on site are serviced properly to achieve zero emission goals at our site and customer sites as well. This is in line with our ESG culture Goals as a company.

  1. Infrastructure Improvement:

The establishment of our lubricant warehouse terminal brings opportunities for significant infrastructure improvement in our community of operation. We have invested in road and transportation infrastructure which was totally blocked because of huge vegetation growth. We have created the access routes to enhance the connectivity between the terminal and nearby areas. This is facilitating the smooth movement of vehicles and goods in the community.

  1. Community Engagement:

One of the primary objectives of our CSR initiative is to promote community engagement. In the case of our lubricant warehouse terminal, community engagement shall be achieved through various means. The terminal will collaborate with local educational institutions, providing internships to students. Engaging in philanthropic activities such as supporting local charities, sponsoring community events, or organizing environmental awareness campaigns to further foster a sense of community bond between Dutylex Company Limited and its surroundings.


In conclusion, the positive CSR impact of our lubricant warehouse terminal in our community is multi-faceted. It goes beyond the terminal’s core business operations and focuses on economic development, environmental sustainability, infrastructure improvement, and community engagement. By creating employment opportunities, adopting environmentally friendly practices, contributing to infrastructure development, and engaging with the community, the terminal becomes a catalyst for positive change. Embracing such CSR initiatives not only benefits the community but also showcases the terminal’s commitment to responsible business practices. Through these efforts, Dutylex Company Limited can play a significant role in the overall development and well-being of our community.

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