CANCHAM Secretariat pays courtesy call to its members – Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce

CANCHAM Secretariat pays courtesy call to its members

As part of our visitation drive, the Secretariat paid a courtesy call to Mosphine Company Limited Hwlords limited, and Westport Limited. This initiative by the Executive Secretary helps to meet with members often and also find out what the chamber can do to support their businesses. The CEOs of these companies had a similar vision of expanding their businesses across the Nation and beyond. They intend to achieve this through Canadian investors and collaboration with other members of the chamber in the same industry. In this regard, the Executive Secretary encouraged them to fully participate in chamber events and to cultivate a good network that could lead to collaborations and partnerships. She urged them as entrepreneurs to look at the positive effects of the economic challenges and take advantage of the opportunities it brings to improve their businesses. She also assured them of the secretariat’s support and assistance.


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