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Canada-Ghana chamber enlighten stakeholders on corporate Governance

The Canada-Ghana Chamber of Commerce has engaged stakeholders to empower them on issues of corporate governance for sustainable growth.

The seminar was organized with the aim of improving on the top level role board members and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) play in an organization.

It was on the theme: “Corporate Governance and Compliance” and would enable corporate organizations to be firm in their operations.

Mr Frederick Attakumah, the President of the Canada-Ghana Chamber, said the seminar was necessary for stakeholders in the private sector to empower top level executives to play their roles effectively and efficiently in the company.

He said this would enable the Ghanaian private sector investors to meet the standard of their counterparts in Canada and would as well propel them to take decisions for sustainable development in the organization.

“This engagement will give empowerment to all our colleagues to work assiduously and play their roles very well as board members and CEOs to be at par with other counterparts in Canada,” he stressed.

“Ghanaian private sector investors have reached the peak of being equal with their Canadian counterpart and next year as we set for another engagement with them in Canada, the nation will experience a lot of developmental changes in the private sector,” he added.

Frederick Ofosu Darko, the President of the Institute of Directors and an expert in corporate governance and strategy raised issues concerning the inadequate, inefficient and ineffective role top level executives play, which renders their company redundant.

He said various organizations were closed down due to policies and compliance directives not implemented and lack of supervision as mandated to every top level investors.

“The responsibility of the company lies in the hands of the board and must take up the mantle to play it effectively, applying the checks and balances and putting in place decisive agenda,” he said.

Mr Darko added that, the future of the company would be truncated if there is no effective human and financial capital and if sanctions are not implemented to curb the incompetence of employers.
He further entreated heads, top level executives and board members of various organizations in the private sector to enrich themselves with the requisite skills and ability and work assiduously for sustainability and developmental growth of the company and be at par with their Canadian counterpart.

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