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Black Ant and Sario make Ghana proud at Afri’Cup Pitch Competition

Ghanaian start-ups Black Ant Technologies LTD and Sario were selected as part of the 18 finalists for the Afri’Cup Pitch Competition held in Tunisia between September 23-24, 2019.

The startups were picked from over 1000 applicants from across Africa.

Black Ant Technologies LTD

Black Ant Technologies LTD’s proprietary solution is the Remote Teller platform which it describes as a secure platform that extends banking services to the remote customer.

It rides on a robust Point of Sale (POS) device that allows a financial institution to conveniently provide bank teller functionalities or services. The Remote Teller solution is instrumental in setting up a branchless bank within the reach of potential customers.


Sario is a content subscription platform for African content creators in need of funds.

African content creators monetize their craft and influence by offering audience exclusive experiences and they get paid in the process.

According to them, their goal is not to create another Facebook or Youtube, but rather to empower African content creators with the avenues they need to fully monetize their craft and content rather than give it out for free.

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Black Ant, Mr Kweku Esia Kuma Essien, noted that this was a great achievement for Black Ant Technologies, and they hoped to continue to make Ghana proud.

The winners of the competition were Lenterra from Kenya.

Black Ant and Sario can be reached at and respectively.

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