MEMBER VISITATIONS – Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce


This month we welcome QUDDUS Ventures and AMJIB Productions to the Chamber. Quddus Ventures farms and exports Shea butter to Brazil and they also export African artifacts and antique items to South Africa. They represent a leading Turkish perfume brand called Miriam Marvels in Ghana. QUDDUS Ventures is looking forward to exploring the Canadian market. AMJIB productions is actually part of AMJIB Group of companies and amongst other things, they are into the production of movies and music videos. Most of their movies are streamed on YouTube. The CEO of AMJIB productions is also an actor and a movie director and has worked with several popular production houses in Ghana. The Chamber is excited to have these diverse companies onboard and we are poised to meet their expectations and assist them get Canadian collaborations, investments and partnerships. During the Secretariat’s visit to Quddus and AMJIB, the Executive Secretary urged them to find time off their busy schedules to attend Chamber events to build solid networks which will in turn lead to other business opportunities.


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