How Le PELS Ghana Successfully Constructed the 350-ton Silo Foundation for Cargill Ghana – Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce

How Le PELS Ghana Successfully Constructed the 350-ton Silo Foundation for Cargill Ghana

Le PELS Ghana, a renowned construction company, recently demonstrated their expertise and dedication when they successfully constructed the 350-ton silo foundation for Cargill Ghana. This project was a testament to their commitment to delivering quality work, meeting deadlines, staying within budget and ensuring client satisfaction.

The construction process began with an extensive planning phase, which involved meticulous coordination between Le s Ghana’s engineers and Cargill Ghana’s representatives. The team conducted thorough site surveys, analyzed soil composition, and devised a robust foundation design that could withstand the immense weight and pressure of the silo. This involved the sinking structural piles six meter deep to transfer the loading to the bedrock of the soil profile.

Once the designs were finalised and approved by Cargill’s Consultants, Le PELS Ghana’s skilled workforce got to work. They employed state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to excavate and level the construction site, ensuring a solid base for the foundation. The team then proceeded to lay the reinforced concrete, carefully following the blueprint’s specifications.

Throughout the construction process, Le PELS Ghana prioritized safety measures, ensuring that all workers adhered to strict protocols. Regular inspections and quality checks were carried out to guarantee the foundation’s structural integrity.

Despite facing several challenges, such as unforeseen weather conditions and logistical hurdles, Le PELS Ghana’s team remained steadfast in their approach. Their unwavering dedication and professionalism enabled them to overcome these obstacles and complete the project within the allotted time-frame.

Upon completion, the 350-ton silo foundation passed all necessary QA/QC inspections and received high praise from Cargill Ghana. This successful collaboration has strengthened the bond between the two companies earning Le PELS its place as the preferred engineering solutions provider for Cargill.   It has also further established Le PELS Ghana’s reputation as a reliable and skilled construction firm in the region.



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