CANCHAM Secretariat pays courtesy call to its members – Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce

CANCHAM Secretariat pays courtesy call to its members

As part of the Chamber’s usual visit to its members, a courtesy call was paid to Stereda Pharmaceuticals Limited, NASH Francisco Enterprise and Blaynet Services Limited. The CEO’s of these companies shared with us their intentions for the year and expectations from the Chamber. Notable amongst their expectations is their desire for Canadian investors, partnership and collaborations. The Executive Secretary urged them to collaborate with other members in their industry and also look out for and take advantage of any opportunity that the current economic situations might come along with. She urged them as entrepreneurs to look at the positive effects of the economic challenges and take advantage of the opportunities it brings by being innovative, thinking outside the box and diversifying. In order to reach a larger consumer base, the Executive Secretary explained to them how to use social media to market their goods and services. In addition, the Executive Secretary encouraged them attend Chamber events and and participate fully in all chamber activities. She assured them that the secretariat is there for them so they should not hesitate to call for any support or assistance.


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